Privacy Policy

1. Overview
The protection of personal data is of great importance for many Internet users and an important basis for pleasant and satisfactory use of the Internet. ATG Automatisierung GmbH always pays great attention to the queries and considerations of customers and other visitors of our website regarding data protection and complies to domestic and international data protection law as well as to the relevant EU guidelines. We assure you as buyer of our products and services as well as visitor of our website that we do not collect your personal data unless it is made available to us by yourself.

Please note that our websites contain links to other websites. ATG Automatisierung GmbH does not accept any responsibility for compliance with data protection, data protection declarations or the content of such other websites.

ATG Automatisierung GmbH as content provider is only responsible for its own content made available for use pursuant to general law. Cross-references (“Links”) to content made available by other providers shall be differentiated from own content. ATG Automatisierung GmbH only makes such “external content” available for use by cross-reference. ATG Automatisierung GmbH is only responsible for such content, if positive knowledge has been received from them (i.e. if the content is unlawful or criminal) and if it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent its use (Section 5 para 2 TDG/German Act on the Utilization of Teleservices).

"Links" are "living" (dynamic) referrals. Although ATG Automatisierung GmbH checked the external content at the initial connection for its potential cause of responsibility according to civil or criminal law, pursuant to the TDG (Teledienstegesetz, German Act on the Utilization of Teleservices) the content provider is not obligated to continuously check the contents he refers to in his offer for changes that may newly substantiate responsibility. Only if he finds out that a particular offer he provided a link to, substantiates responsibility pursuant to civil or criminal law, or if this is indicated to him by others shall he cancel the referral to this offer as far as this is technically possible and reasonable for him. The technical possibility and reasonabless is not influenced if after prevention of access via the ATG Automatisierung GmbH website it is possible to access the unlawful or criminal offer from other servers.

2. Data, collected from you
2.1 Personal Data
We do not collect personal data from visitors to our website unless the visitor provides them explicitly and wilfully. Under no circumstances shall we collect personal data providing information on racial and ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical ideology, trade union membership, health or sexual life. If you just visit our website, we do not collect any personal data about you.

There are two cases in which you explicitly and wilfully provide us with certain personal data and give consent to its collection:

Inquiries by email regarding information or registration for guides or seminars
On our website we provide links through which you can send us messages if you have any queries, if you wish to request information or order materials, if you wish to register or enrol for guides or seminars or if you have comments or recommendations for us. You also have the opportunity to receive information about our products and services personally by one of our staff. In order to process you inquiry, we may possibly request additional personal data such as your name and your telephone number.

If you order one of our products or services, we require certain data from you. According to the product or service, we will collect different personal data from you. For certain products and services, we require your name, age, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number, bank details, IP-address or similar information. If ordering other products and services, other or additional details may possibly be required. On the order page for the particular product or service you will find a detailed list of the nature of personal data required when ordering various products.

2.2 Statistical Data about your Visit
If you visit our website, our computers automatically collect statistical data of your visit. Such data do not contain details about you personally, they just give information regarding your visit to our website. We maintain statistics, for example on the number of visitors to our website, the user’s IP-address, date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the domains from which visitors access our websites and on the browsers they use. Such statistical data will not be matched with the personal data you transmitted to us. Such information is analyzed exclusively anonymously and deleted at regular intervals. These statistics help us to improve our website’s performance.

2.3 Utilization of Cookies
We use “cookies“ only in the manner described in this paragraph. A “cookie“ contains information which is sent from our website to your browser; the browser stores the information exclusively on your system. If cookies are used, our website is able to “remember” information about you and your settings, either until you close the current browser window (in case of temporary cookies) or until you deactivate or delete the cookie. Many visitors use cookies to help them navigate a website. Please be assured that cookies only contain the amount of data you allow and that they are unable to reach out to your hard-disk or to transmit personal or other data from your computer to the sender of the cookie.

We only employ “cookies“ in situations as described below. The first situation relates to temporary cookies. Temporary cookies are employed in two cases. If you access our services via one of our online applications, our webserver automatically sends a temporary cookie to your browser, making navigation of our website easier for you. Such temporary cookies only contain a so-called “direction value” just as information for our software to establish which page is to be shown when you click on the “Return” button of your browser. The cookie is deleted as soon as you close the current browser window. If you access our website via one of our business partners, our webserver also sends a temporary cookie to your browser containing an “origin code” related to this business partner. We utilize such data for statistical and marketing purposes.

If you are a ATG Automatisierung GmbH licensee and access a website area containing access control, we will set a temporary cookie for the connection to indicate that you are authentificated. Such cookies contain random data used by the server for authentification of browser inquiries to the server during this session. The cookies do not contain any data identifying you personally. The cookie is deleted as soon as you close the current browser window.

The second situation in which we employ cookies is if you order documentation, services or if you make other inquiries during your visit to our website. If you fill out a form you can choose whether our website sends a cookie to your local hard-disk. This is not a temporary cookie, however, you can deactivate it via your browser settings at any time. If you do not accept this type of cookie, you are still able to use our website. If you accept this type of cookie, you will save time as it is no longer necessary to fill out forms and/or to visit our website again. Even if you accepted this type of cookie, you can set your browser at any time in such way that you are acknowledged if a cookie is sent to you. This way you always have the opportunity to decide if you accept or reject a cookie.

3. How we handle personal data collected and who we pass them on to
Personal data collected from you is exclusively used for the purposes as described below:

3.1 Sending Answers
Normally, we reply to any queries, information inquiries regarding our products and services and any other inquiries received by email. We put this correspondence on file, for the purpose of improving our services and our website as well as for our own business purposes. We often store contact information to send updates or important information on our products and services to invididuals.

3.2 Support, Renewal and Purchase of our Products and Services
We use the data you transmitted to inform you of supports, renewal and purchase of our products and services. We also pass on the information you transmitted to our associated companies, business partners and representations of ATG Automatisierung GmbH (within and outside the European Economic Region) so that they can contact you regarding support, renewal or purchase of ATG Automatisierung GmbH products and services. Our associated companies, business partners or representations may contact you directly in this regard.

3.3 Provision of interesting Products and Services
If at all, we only pass on data you transmitted to trustworthy ATG Automatisierung GmbH business partners or suppliers (within and outside the European Economic Region) whose products or services complement our products or services appropriately from our point of view and therefore may be interesting for you. Our trustworthy business partners or suppliers may contact you directly.

3.4 Provision of Products and Services contained in the Scope of Service (if ordering certain services or certain management services)

The scope of services of certain ATG Automatisierung GmbH services may contain additional products or services of third companies. In case of purchase of such a service we may therefore pass the data transmitted concerning such purchase to third parties fully or in part (within and outside the European Economic Region) so that they are able to provide the product or service and to inform you about that product/service or its upgrade. We assure you that we have agreements with such third party suppliers of products and services excluding any passing of data to further parties (pursuant to data protection regulations).

3.5 Authentification of your Identity
For certain ATG Automatisierung GmbH services it is required to compare some data in your application/order with databases or other sources of information of third parties. We thereby check your identity and further attributes and also ensure that your identity is not used improperly.

3.6 Statutory required Disclosure and Protection of Licenses
If a statutory obligation concerning the passing of data to local, federal, national or international government bodies or criminal prosecution bodies is in place, we comply with such an obligation (pursuant to our export authorizations, we may, for example, pass the identity of the buyer of certain software products to the Bureau of Export Administration of the US-American Ministry of Trade). Furthermore, we will disclose data to third parties, if required by prevailing laws and regulations. Above that, ATG Automatisierung GmbH may disclose information to check or prevent illegal activities or suspicion of fraud or to initiate the relevant countermeasures or to enforce or apply ATG Automatisierung GmbH contracts and licence rights.

3.7 Surveys
We occasionally ask our customers to provide data for a survey. Participation in such surveys is completely voluntary and it is therefore up to the customer if he provides such data or not. The survey data is used for observation and improvement of the website utilization as well as for improvement of our service and product range.

4. Objection against future Notification
We occasionally inform our customers about new products, announcements, upgrades and updates, mostly by newsletter. If you do not wish to receive notifications any more, please contact us at the address stated below the data protection declaration or click on the relevant “Cancel” button on the relevant page. Please note that is not possible to refuse notifications regarding security, first use, date of expiry, product improvements or services sent by us or on our behalf. If you received notification by one of our trustworthy partners or suppliers or if we already passed your data to our trustworthy partners or suppliers, you may have to inform them directly that you do not wish to receive notifications in the future.

5. Our Security Measures
Protection of all personal data received from visitors to our website and from our customers is an important part of our corporate philosophy. We assure you our security measures protect your personal data against loss, abuse and change. However, as with all Internet transmissions, there is always a residual risk when personal data is transmitted. In order to minimize this risk, we encrypt the data you transmitted when ordering our products and services by Secure Socket Layer Protocol (SSL).

6. Retrieval, Correction or Update of your Data
If you wish to change or correct personal data or if you just wish to find out the content of your personal data stored by us, please contact us at the address stated at the end of this data protection declaration.

If you use this function, your email address appears as sender of the email. Neither your email address nor the one of the recipient are used for other purposes.

7. Copyright
All texts, photos and illustrations shown on our Internet pages as well as their arrangements are subject to copyright law and other laws regarding protection of intellectual property. Copy, change or use on other Internet pages is not permitted, neither for trade purposes nor for onward transmission. Some Internet pages also contain pictures underlying copyright of the person(s) who provided them to us.

7.1 Changes to this Data Protection Declaration
Fundamental changes to this data protection declaration will be published on our website.

8. How to contact us or our data protection officer
Any interested persons and ATG Automatisierung GmbH customers can reach us at:

ATG Automatisierung GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 7
D-48599 Gronau

Tel: +49 (0) 2562 99151-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2562 99151-29